Chuo Account

Manage your everyday school transactions.

Family Bank empowers schools economically to meet their needs for construction, renovations, and transport as well as school operations. If you want a current account to manage your everyday school transactions and also access development loans, our Chuo Account is the ideal account.

The chuo account can be used for channeling:
• CDF Funds
• School Collection Account
• Government Support Programme Funds
• School Transport Accounts

How to apply Get in touch


  • Access to funds through our large network of delivery channels
  • Savings Account with no monthly charges
  • Longer Banking hours at our Corporate Branches
  • No charges on school fees deposit
  • Mobile Banking services through Pesa Pap
  • Availability of Bankers Cheques at an affordable price
  • Flexible account opening requirements


  • Development loans: Construction of classrooms, libraries, land buying, sports facilities, borehole drilling, buying schools books etc.
  • Asset financing: Financing up to 90% of the value of the vehicle
  • Bridge financing: Short term projects and emergencies
  • Staff checkoff loans: Up to 3 million
  • Salary guarantee loans: With up to 24 months repayment period
  • Staff salary advance: 30% of previous months net salary
  • Laptop financing: Bank to finance 70% of purchase
  • Easy opening requirements and procedures


  • Letter from the Minestry of Education e.g. DEO, MEO, Ministry of Gender
  • Identification of signatories
  • Pin/ Vat Certificates
  • School registration certificate from registrar of business.

How to apply

  1. Download the relevant application form
  2. Complete the form and bring to your nearest branch with supporting documents