Church Account

Specialized banking services to religious organizations.

We are Pleased to offer our specialized banking services to religious organizations of all types, regardless of creed or theology. We believe that your organization is not a business and should be looked at in a different way. Whether your needs involve real estate purchases, construction financing, personal loans for ordained or lay ministers, we have the experience and commitment to provide for all your banking needs.

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  • Loan facilities for church projects
  • Mortgage facilities
  • International money transfer services
  • Asset financing
  • Group loans for members


  • Attractive Interest on deposits
  • Collection of tithes, offering payments & donations through M-KANISA
  • Sponsorships and training opportunities available
  • Products and services for employees of the church e.g. salary processing / transfers and personal consumer loans


  • Christian churches both mainstream and local based churches are eligible
  • Para-church institutions are eligible
  • Other faith-based organizations are eligible
  • Constitution of the church – original and copy
  • Registration certificate & copy
  • Minutes of resolution by the leadership to open the account at Family Bank
  • Original & copy of the signatory IDs
  • A free photo will be  taken at the branch

How to apply

  1. Download the relevant application form
  2. Complete the form and bring to your nearest branch with supporting documents