Settle your electricity bills anywhere, anytime.

Platform for real-time payment

EasyPay service is a platform for real-time payment of post paid electricity bills that makes it possible for Kenya Power customers countrywide to settle their electricity bills anywhere anytime through, Family Bank branches,  appointed agents, Family Bank ATMS and through Pesa Pap.

OTC Payments:
  1. Payee present a copy of the electricity bill to the teller
  2. The teller checks the account holder’s details, confirms the name and the amount to be paid
  3. Payee present the money to be paid
  4. The teller processes the payment
  5. Teller Issues a receipt that is generated upon receipt of money
  6. Payee Sign off the receipt and return a copy to the teller
  7. Confirmatory SMS from KPLC is sent to the registered KP Acct holder
ATM Payments:
  1. Insert your ATM card into the ATM.
  2. Key in your PIN
  3. Select the Menu PAY ELECTRICITY.
  4. Enter the KPLC Account Number e.g. 22334401 (without dash)
  5. Enter the Mobile Number of the acct. holder (07XXXXXXXX)
  6. Enter Amount to be paid
  7. Confirm Payment details by pressing 1 then Proceed Button
  8. Collect the receipt and keep it for future reference if need be
  9. Confirmatory SMS from KPLC is sent to the registered KP Acct. holder
Mobile Phone payments:
  1. Dial *325#
  2. Select “0” on the Menu
  3. Select Option “2” – KPLC, Enter KPLC Acct. No. and amount to be paid.
  4. Confirm the KPLC Acct. details and the amount and the name of the account holders
  5. Then authorise the transaction by pressing the dial button
  6. Confirmatory SMS is sent to the registered KP Acct. holder