Hassle-free way to pay rent

Revolutionary mobile payment platform

M-KODI as a Family Bank’s revolutionary mobile payment platform that enables tenants to pay their rent through their phones, M-KODI leverages on Pesa Pap platform enabling landlords to receive rent directly into their accounts.



  • This is a mobile bill payment platform that allow tenants to pay for rent through the mobile phone.
  • Each landlord gets a unique code that allow their tenants to pay rent easily and conveniently.


  • Monthly rent payment can be paid via phone anytime anywhere. Pap!
  • Tenants don't have to open an account with Family Bank.


  • Go to M-PESA menu
  • Select pay bill
  • Enter 222114 as the business number
  • Enter the landlord or agent unique code followed by #
  • Await confirmation from Family Bank