Finance the Construction of your biogas digester

This product finances the Construction of the biogas digester, and accessories such as biogas cooker, biogas burners, biogas instant water heater, gas flow meter, pressure gauges, desulpherizers, biogas lamps, biogas generators, pipes & miscellaneous fittings.


Here's what you'll get


  • Loan sizes: Above Kes. 250,000/- Maximum 80% of Bill of Quantities
  • Loan tenure: Maximum 24 months
  • Repayment: From dairy income & any other confirmed income source
  • Security: Suitable & approved chattels – livestock, household assets, machinery, equipment
  • Disbursement: Loan will be disbursed against invoices/ quotations from approved materials, appliances suppliers & accredited biogas contracting firm
  • Qualifying farmers/institutions will have to open accounts with Family Bank



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1634375 (KES)
14 %
12 months
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