Loans for farmers involved in producing tea leaves

These loans are targeted at farmers involved in the production of tea leaves for supply to tea factories. It is available to farmers with active accounts and receiving regular income from their agricultural proceeds.

This loan can be used to acquire farm inputs, equipment, livestock feeds, labour finances, school fees etc.

Majani Plus Loan targets farmers who deliver their produce to KTDA and private tea factories across the country. Majani boost product is offered based on cumulative kilos a farmer has produced and delivered to the factory.


Here's what you'll get


  • Flexible monthly loan repayment period of up to 36 months
  • Flexible repayment mode
  • Flexible security requirements
  • Higher loan amount to cater for development purposes


  • No security required - Your tea payment slip is the security
  • Competitive interest rates charged
  • Fast and efficient loan processing and disbursement
  • Loans are payable through tea payments and bonuses
  • No guarantors required for Business categories


  • Must have delivered tea at either KTDA or other listed private tea factories
  • Proof of tea delivery by providing 3 latest tea delivery receipts
  • Produce a bonus receipt of the previous year
  • National ID and one copy
  • Fill and sign irrevocable letter of undertaking/Assignment Form and Guarantor Form (where applicable)

Loan Calculator

Find the best loan repayment terms for you by entering an amount, interest rate, and borrowing period. All borrowing rates used in this tool are indicative.

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1634375 (KES)
14 %
12 months
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