Owner Occupier

Identify the house you want to live in and we’ll finance it

Identify the house you want to live in and we’ll finance it for you at the most friendly and affordable rates depending on your income.

This mortgage is collateralized by the dwelling house and is best especially if you are considering acquiring your first home for your family occupation.

We shall grant a purchase loan to buy ready-built residential house or construction of a house .

The repayment for this mortgage is capped at a maximum of 25 years, subject to retirement age or age 65 whichever comes earlier.


Here's what you'll get


Closing Costs
  • Stamp duty (NULL pr431rty value)
  • Legal fees
  • Valuation fees
  • Appraisal fees 1% of loan amount



  • Copy of title to the property
  • Copy of ID/PIN certificate of individual/ Business (NULLtor431/li>
  • Valid Sale agreement/letter of offer from the seller
Self Employed
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Bank statements for the latest 12 months
  • Books of accounts/cash flow statements
  • One passport size photographs
Limited Companies
  • Articles and Memorandum of association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Board resolution to borrow
  • Bank statements for the last one year
  • Audited Accounts for the last 3 years
  • Management accounts
  • Cash flow
  • Duly completed loan application forms

Loan Calculator

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1634375 (KES)
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12 months
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How to apply

  1. Download the relevant application form
  2. Complete the form and bring to your nearest branch with supporting documents