Personal Motor Accident Cover

It is a legal requirement in Kenya to have a motor insurance (Chapter 405, Laws of Kenya) this insurance gives protection in the event that the vehicle is involved in an accident, is stolen or is set on fire. It also covers third parties. What determines the insurance package you receive is the type of motor vehicle being insured and the number of risks to be covered.


Here's what you'll get


  • No Excess for material damage over Kshs. 20,000/-
  • Courtesy Car (after 3 days of accident)
  • Personal Accident Cover for insured & spouse
  • 24 Hours Rescue Service


  • We offer our clients very competitive rates on insurance products and services
  • In case of a claim, we undertake to advise our customers on the various documentations needed to enable a smooth processing of claims
  • On behalf our customers we negotiate for the best deals, rates and terms from insurance companies
  • We are helpful in providing valuable information to our customer on the recent events in the insurance industry and advise on any changes or developments that may affect our customers
  • We provide adequate insurance protection to our customers at affordable rates
  • Our clients are able to purchase various insurance products from Family Bank branches countrywide