Protect you and your loved ones in case of a misfortune

We offer various kinds of life covers to suit you and family needs.

  • Personal Accident Insurance: Accidents can happen anywhere anytime and may deprive the person the ability to earn an income due to hospitalization. Worst still death. This cover will protect you and your loved ones in case of a misfortune happening
  • Endowment Plans: this is a policy gives a combination of death protection and investment for a stated period of time. If the insured survives the time period, the insurance amount is paid to the insured.
  • Term Life: this insurance protects the insured for a stated period or term on a limited budget. It is  advisable to take this cover if for example, when paying for school fees, paying for a bank loan or mortgage
  • Whole Life: This is a policy that provides life assurance to the value of the face amount if the assured happen to die. The cover may also provide other benefits such as bonuses and loans based on cash value of the policy
  • Group Life: A Group Life policy is a renewable life assurance scheme set up by the employer, to insure the  employees against the risk of death from illness or accident during employment