Pre-Shipment/ Delivery Finance

Pre-Shipment also referred to as Purchase Order Finance or Packing Credit is working capital finance provided by Family Bank to the exporter / seller prior to shipment or delivery of goods. The finance is mainly required for purposes of procuring raw materials, processing, packing, transporting and warehousing of goods.


Here's what you'll get


  • To purchase raw material, and other inputs to manufacture goods.
  • To assemble the goods in the case of merchant traders.
  • To store the goods in suitable warehouses till the goods are shipped / delivered.
  • To pay for packing, marking and labeling of goods.
  • To pay for pre-shipment inspection charges.
  • To import or purchase from the domestic market heavy machinery and other capital goods to produce export goods.
  • To pay for consultancy services.
  • To pay for documentation expenses



  • Pre-shipment / Delivery Finance facility or Cash Margin
  • Customer’s letter of request
  • Purchase Order