Family Bank enhancing convenience for customers through Agency Banking

Family Bank enhancing convenience for customers through Agency Banking

posted on August 17, 2017

For 6 years now, agency banking has been enabling customers to access and enjoy banking services conveniently at their door step. The service was introduced in 2010 with public concerns over security and confidentiality. However, these fears have been assuaged with millions embracing the model, making agency banking a perfect complement to traditional banking.

Agency banking outlets offer cashless and card-based applications, deposits, and withdrawals, bill payments, balance inquiries, card collection and mini- statement.

Since 2012, Family Bank has been offering agency banking services to its customers. It has provided a means to enhance the customer service proposition; whilst leveraging on the use of innovative alternative financial access channels. lt has enabled bank customers to access the banking services within the comfort of their neighbor-hoods.

Dr David Thuku, Family Bank’s MD and CEO observes that agencies have widened the reach to customers, increased access and convenience and even helped in reaching out to areas previously not benefiting from any form of banking services.

“Agency banking has proved beneficial by cutting transaction cost for customers, providing longer opening hours, speed and better accessibility for people with special needs as well. This is important as we seek to address the needs of our customers better.”

Family Bank customers have embraced alternative forms of accessing finances. The bank observes that over 30 per cent of the bank’s transactions are not happening in the branches. Agency Banking, PesaPap Mobile Banking and Internet banking have gained momentum absorbing a significant bulk of customer financial needs.

Family Bank has more than 3000 active agents who offer a wide range of services in all the 47 counties. These services include delivery of account opening application forms to the bank’s branches for processing, card-based and cardless deposits as well as card-based withdrawals. The agents also offer bill payments, accept debit and credit card applications, balance enquiry, card collection and mini-statement.

The new services include:

-Purchase of KPLC prepaid tokens

-Payment of KPLC Paid bills

-Payment of NHIF for individuals

– School fees payments.

Agency banking team will continually engage customers to understand their banking needs and provide solutions which are faster and efficient through innovations.

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