Mwananchi Account

Searching for affordable, hassle free banking?

When you need an account that is affordable and easy to operate, Mwananchi Account is the account for you. It is a multipurpose account that can be used for processing of salaries, pensions, agricultural payments, dividends as well as business proceeds.

How to apply Get in touch


  • An ATM card is available
  • Low opening and minimum account balance
  • Hassle Free(Paperless) banking - Using Family Access ATM card you don't need to fill deposit/withdrawal slips
  • Convenient banking, money  through Pesa Pap mobile banking
  • Get  notifications on account transactions through Pesa Pap!
  • Easy Account Opening requirements and procedures
  • Easily Accessible through our countrywide network of branches, Family Bank, VISA branded ATMs, Kenswitch and Pesa Point ATMs


  • Access to various Loans facilities provided by the bank
  • Pleasure of being served by our courteous and friendly  bank staff
  • Personal accident insurance benefit will be provided as an optional benefit of this account
  • It is affordable – No ledger fees
  • Unlimited access to funds
  • Free photo taken when opening the account
  • Bank statements available on request


  • Original National ID or a Valid Passport and photocopy
  • Any amount of cash to open the account
  • Have a free passport size photo taken at the branch
  • For Joint Accounts, the ID or a passport copy is required for each person to be included

How to apply

  1. Download the relevant application form
  2. Complete the form and bring to your nearest branch with supporting documents