Family Bank PesaPap Agent

Family Pesa Pap Agent is Family Bank’s Agency Banking service. Family Pesa Pap Agents enable customers to do select banking transactions through an agent appointed by Family Bank. Family Pesa Pap Agents are closely monitored by the Family Bank to ensure the security of your funds. Banking at an agent is as good as banking at any Family Bank branch.

Visit any Family Pesa Pap Agent and enjoy:

  • Convenience within reach
  • Extended banking hours
  • Savings on time and travel cost

Family Bank PesaPap agent services are available to:

  • All Family Bank customers
  • Non Family Bank customers for deposits and Bill payments
  • Customers of other financial institutions who have a KENSWITCH branded card.

The following services are available:

  1. Open a personal account
  2. Deposit cash
  3. Withdraw cash
  4. Check account balance
  5. Request for a mini-statement
  6. Transfer funds
  7. Pay school fees
  8. Make rent payments
  9. Make NHIF payments
  10. Purchase KPLC prepaid tokens
  11. Payment of Utility Bills: KPLC postpaid and Nairobi Water Company
  12. Pay Nairobi County Government payments

Agency Banking FAQs