Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision
To be the financial institution that leads in the positive transformation of people’s lives in Africa.

Our Mission
We positively transform peoples’ lives by providing quality financial services through innovative, efficient and reputable practices

Our Purpose
To enable people create and sustain wealth through access to flexible, affordable financial services.

Our core Values:

  • Winning Together – Within ourselves and with our customers, we work together and we win together
  • Self Belief – in ourselves and our customers’ ability to change the world
  • Transparency – our customers will trust and reward us for it
  • Humility – it’s not about us, it’s about our customers

Our Strategic Thrust
To become the PREMIER Lending Bank

Our Brand Positioning
Family Bank aims to make customers feel valued, understood, supported and respected – like family.

Our Tagline
Our positioning is best captured in our tagline and expresses the promise to our customers in the simplest way.
“With you, for life”

Our Brand Pillars

We are flexible and supportive brand. We are in touch with the needs of customers and always strive to deliver value to them in the most convenient way possible.

Our brand is humble. We build relationships based on mutual respect and understanding of each other. Our friendly nature will make you feel like family.

We strive to always be accessible. To give our customers an experience that is fast and affordable, with products and services that are easy to purchase.

Our Brand Essence
Our brand essence represents our brand’s basic and fundamental nature.
Our brand essence is Like Family!

Our Brand Personality
Family Bank is warm, trustworthy, supportive, humble, dependable

This is our rallying call. When all is said done, Family Bank is transforming Life.