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Chama Account

Wealth creation for investment groups

Chama Account

Chama Account is a savings account designed for formal and informal groups such as, chamas, self-help groups, welfare groups, partnerships and investment groups, and helps facilitate wealth creation and welfare activities of its members. This account can also be used to appraise customers for chama loans.


  • Minimum opening balance of KES 200
  • Minimum operating balance of KES 2000
  • The maximum Chama Loan repayment period is 48 months
  • Minimum loan of KES 500,000


  • Access to Chama Loans up to 3 times the average savings in the Chama Account
  • Attractive interest rates offered
  • Free internal standing order to the Chama Account
  • Access to free chama workshops every 3 months
  • Bancassurance services available
  • Treasury and trade finance services available
  • Assignment of a dedicated relationship manager to handle the chama business
  • Family Bank will facilitate investment in treasury bills, bonds, commercial papers and shares
  • Access to Pesa Pap Mobile Banking


  • The number of members should be between five and thirty five (5-35) members for non-incorporated groups during the time of application
  • The chama or investment group may be registered or non-registered
  • The chama will need to have saved for at least 6 months with Family Bank to qualify for Chama Loan
  • Monthly contributions by group members will be encouraged and proof provided when applying for a loan
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