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Pre-Shipment Finance

Get working capital prior to delivery

Pre-Shipment Finance

Pre-shipment finance, also referred to as purchase order finance or packing credit, is working capital finance provided by Family Bank to the exporter/seller prior to shipment or delivery of goods.


  • Purchase raw materials and other inputs for manufacturing goods
  • Assemble goods, in the case of merchant traders
  • Store goods in suitable warehouses until they are shipped/delivered
  • Pay for packing, marking and labelling of goods
  • Pay for pre-shipment inspection charges
  • Import or purchase heavy machinery and other capital goods to produce export goods
  • Pay for consultancy services
  • Pay for documentation expenses


  • 100% secured with cash or conventional collateral


  • Pre-shipment/delivery finance facility or cash margin
  • Customer's letter of request
  • Purchase order
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