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Shareholder Information - Family Bank Limited, Kenya

Shareholder Information

Family Bank Ltd., in a bid to share its profits with members, has been trading on OTC since 2006. Family Bank enjoys immense goodwill from its shareholders and the wider public, who continue to believe in and support our vision of becoming a truly great and bank.

NSE Listed Stocks

We work hand in hand with Brokers to effect NSE stocks related dealings which include;

  • Sale of shares
  • Purchase of shares
  • Opening of accounts/Amendment of addresses, names etc.
  • Immobilisation of shares
  • Transfer of shares from one Broker to another
  • Transfer of shares from a deceased shareholder to the beneficiary
  • Placing of shares under lien &
  • Unfreezing of shares

Company Documents

View the Family Bank Ltd. Board Charter

View the Family Bank Memorandum & Articles

Documents & Forms

View available documents for download

AGM Notices

  1. AGM 2023
  2. Proxy form 2023
  3. 16th AGM Resolutions

Shareholder Notices

  1. Rights Extension Notice January 2023
  2. Letter to Shareholders
  3. Rights Issue Memorandum 2023 Final
  4. Notice of Extra-ordinary General Meeting 2023
  5. 2023 EGM Polling Results

Contact Shares Registrar

The Shares registrar and the Company Secretary could be contacted through email on or through the Company’s registered address as stated below:

The Company Secretary / Shares Registrar
Family Bank Limited,
8th Floor, Family Bank Towers,
Muindi Mbingu Street
P.O. Box 74145-00200
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: 0703 095 000
Direct Line: 0703 095 811/ 0703 095 813


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