Our Journey Since 1984 - Family Bank Limited, Kenya

Our Journey Since 1984

When Family Finance Building Society was started in 1984 the vision was very clear, Family Finance was to be the institution of choice for the unbanked population. Our aim then (and now) is serving the needs of the mass market which had been ignored by the mainstream banks. This market segment comprises of millions of small and medium scale enterprises, jua kali artisans, tea, coffee, dairy, grain, fish and sugar farmers, teachers, junior government employees (local authorities and central government), parastatals NGOs and even private organizations.

Our mission over the years has been to liberate the unbanked from financial bondage and the cycle of poverty. We have been doing this without discrimination as to creed, race, age or gender.
Today, much has been accomplished. We have over 1,800,000 customers which makes us one of the largest banks serving the mass market in all parts of country. We are the financial intermediary, providing superior technology driven savings facilities as well as affordable loans of all sizes for all kinds of needs, from working capital to school, medical fees and even food. Before we started this, no mainstream bank would have thought of giving a loan for school fees or food.

As we have grown, so have the needs of our customers. Today many of our customers have graduated to higher levels economically and are involved in complex and sophisticated activities including imports and exports as well as local and international money transfer. We have widened our capacity to serve all their needs including cheque books, clearing electronic funds transfer, foreign exchange and international banking.

We have weathered many storms to get to where we are as a successful locally owned bank. This substantial progress would not have been possible without the people, from staff to directors, consultants, institutional partners, service providers and Government. It would also not have been possible without these people’s hardwork, team work, professionalism, patience, passion, commitment, innovation, sacrifice and most important of all, remaining focused on our vision and mission.

Family Bank is well capitalized, profitable, liquid and financially sound. As we grow, it is our intention to invite more members of the public to become shareholders.

The same attributes that brought us this far will be required to take the Bank into the future. Our mission remains the same and we cannot rest until the whole of Africa is financially liberated and we can sit at the table with the rest of the world as equal partners.