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Family Bank Sponsors the 2019 Kenya Medical Association Symposium - Family Bank Limited, Kenya

Family Bank Sponsors the 2019 Kenya Medical Association Symposium

The Kenya Medical Association (KMA) organised its 2019 symposium dubbed Health as an Investment Symposium that brought together medical experts and various stakeholders.

Speaking at the KMA Centre in Upper Hill, Family Bank CEO-Designate Rebecca Mbithi encouraged the medical practitioners to take the need for wealth creation and investment as a niggling problem that they should seek solutions for.

Just like any other sector, the health sector has its share of challenges. Among them being the initial loss of gain, lack of capital to start businesses, high operation and maintenance cost as well as the imbalance in distribution of information. However, there are immense opportunities to tap into among them being the benefits of devolution that has placed the health sector on a high pedestal. Other opportunities and strengths include numerous innovations, the resources that have been brought closer to the people and the expansion of the National Hospital Insurance Fund.

“Wealth is a function of saving and investment, not earnings. At a time where about 80% of an individual’s income is used to sustain a person’s lifestyle, we take the medical profession very serious and that is why we tailor make our products to meet your needs and curb these challenges,” said Family Bank CEO Designate Rebecca Mbithi.

Family Bank offers various solutions for medical entities such as Trade Finance products that offer flexible solutions to cover imports of both equipment and supplies, Asset Finance with flexible terms for purchase of medical equipment, Insurance Premium Financing, Cash Management capacity improvements and the financing of working capital needs. Solutions for medical practitioners include Staff Loan Schemes, Standard Staff Loan Facilities, Personal Current and Salary Accounts, PesaPap Mobile Banking and Internet Banking, among others.

“I would like to encourage my fellow medical practitioners to take up these products because they aim to meet us at the core of our challenges. Thank you to Family Bank for the great money propositions”, said Kenya Medical Association CEO Dr. Elizabeth Gitau.

Family Bank was among the sponsors and speakers during the symposium.