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PesaPap FAQs Archives - Family Bank Limited, Kenya

What is PesaPap?

PesaPap is Family Bank’s Mobile Banking platform and is a fast, easy and secure way of accessing your bank 24/7 from wherever you are.


What services are available on PesaPap?

Mobile Banking with Family Bank makes your everyday banking activities convenient by offering the following services:

  • Account Status: Balance enquiry, Statement request, Account overview
  • Bill payments: Utility bills, School fees, Airline ticketing, KRA, NHIF etc.
  • Airtime purchase: Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom
  • Funds transfers: PesaLink, RTGS
  • Mobile money: MPESA, Airtel money
  • Mobile loans: Instant loans, Salary advance
  • Savings: Goal savings
  • Manage cards
  • Cardless withdrawals: ATM, Agency
  • Purchase insurance
  • Self service requests: Cheque book, SMS alerts, Activate mobile banking etc.
  • Contact Centre information
  • Locate branch locations, ATMs and Family PesaPap agents
How do I get access to PesaPap?

If you already have an account at Family Bank but are not registered for PesaPap, simply download the app from your Appstore and activate mobile banking. You may also visit any Family Bank branch near you for assistance.

How many accounts can I view with PesaPap?

PesaPap allows you to view multiple accounts that are associated with your personal profile.

Which accounts are eligible for PesaPap mobile banking?

The following accounts can be registered for PesaPap: Mwananchi Account, Jenga Bizna Account, Salary Account and Personal Current Account.


What type of phone or device is supported for use with PesaPap?

To access PesaPap App, you will need to download the App on Google Play Store or Apple Store. You can also access PesaPap via USSD using any mobile device that has a SIM card registered to mobile network providers: Safaricom or Airtel.  To access PesaPap via USSD, dial *325#.

Are there any charges that apply for mobile banking?

Yes. Normal charges are levied on your mobile banking transactions these are available on the Tariff Guide available at any of Family Bank Branch, Family Bank Corporate Website and PesaPap App.

Note: Normal mobile network operator charges will apply for Internet services where using the Family Bank mobile application and USSD.

Can I access PesaPap abroad?

You can access PesaPap mobile banking from anywhere in the world. This service is also available to our Diaspora Banking customers for KES accounts.

What do I do if I forget my M-PIN?

To reset your M-PIN, please call our Contact Centre on 0703 095 445 or visit your nearest Family Bank branch.


What should I do if I lose my mobile device?

In the event that you lose your mobile device, call our Contact Centre immediately on 0703 095 445 to deactivate your mobile banking services.

How do I pay for my bills on PesaPap?

Download PesaPap or dial *325# and select My Bills then select the bill type you wish to pay.

What billers are available on PesaPap?
  • KPLC: Postpaid & Prepaid
  • TV payments: DSTV, JTL, GoTv, Zuku
  • KRA
  • NHIF
  • Airlines: Emirates, Ethiopian airlines, Jambo Jet, Kenya Airways
  • Water: Kakamega Water, Karuri Water, Mathira Water, Murang’a Water, Nakuru Rural Water, Nanyuki Water, Nakuru Water, Nithi Water, Nairobi Water, Nyeri Water, Ruiru Juja Water.
  • Education: Primary, High school and University
  • Saccos: Progressive Credit
  • Kodipay
Can I schedule a bill payment?

Yes. You can schedule your TV payments by setting the frequency, entering the amount and selecting the start and end date on PesaPap. Once, this has been setup, the bills will automatically be deducted from your account on the set dates.


What are the charges on bill payments?

KES. 30 charge applies.

What is required to pay for NHIF as an Individual and corporate via PesaPap?

You require an NHIF number for an individual or E-slip for corporate to pay for your contributions.


What happens when the records of my NHIF contributions don’t update?

Please visit the nearest Family Bank Branch for assistance.

What happens when a customer inputs wrong details when paying for NHIF on PesaPap?

Family Bank validates the NHIF number against the NHIF records meaning you need to confirm if the fetched records tally with the person you are paying for.

Can I pay NHIF on behalf of another person on PesaPap?

Yes, you can. When you have the NHIF number or E-slip, you can pay you’re your parents, guardians, relatives in rural areas.


How will I know that I have successfully paid my NHIF contributions via PesaPap?

We shall send an SMS confirmation as soon as the transaction has been successfully updated. You can share or download the receipt confirmation.

Can I pay for NHIF using the ID number via PesaPap?

No. Payment is restricted to member number.

What steps do I follow when making school fees payments for Primary, High School and Universities via PesaPap?

On PesaPap App, go to My Bills and select Education, depending on the school type, choose the respective school name/account that you wish to pay into. Enter the student’s registration number and student’s name then enter required amount and pay. You will receive a confirmation once the transaction has been successfully


Is this service available for all schools?

No. This service is available for schools who have accounts with Family Bank.

What could be the reason a customer gets the error “you do not qualify for the mobile loan”?
  • CRB listing
  • CRB rating
What are the charges on instant mobile loans?

The PesaPap mobile loan is competitively priced and will currently cost you 7.5%* in facility fees recoverable upfront. (*subject to CBR) where;

  1. processing fee 5%
  2. interest 2%
  3. insurance 0.5%
When do I qualify for my next mobile loan?

You qualify for a new mobile loan immediately you settle your previously outstanding loan and have good credit history.


What is the maximum ability of the salary advance product a salaried customer can access on PesaPap?

Up to 50% of customer’s net salary.

Will I qualify for a PesaPap mobile loan if I have an outstanding salary advance?

No, you cannot.

What happens if my employer delays repayments?

Salary Advances must be settled within a period of 45 days. If any Salary Advance is still not settled in 45 days, then interest (rate equivalent to CBR+4) will be levied on the daily outstanding balance.

Please note: The customer has an obligation to ensure that the outstanding balance is settled by any other means if their salary isn’t remitted to the account that was used to procure the Salary Advance


What is PesaLink?

PesaLink is a new instant money transfer service that allows bank to bank transfers from one person to another. PesaLink is an affordable and easy to use instant service that allows customers to send from as low as KES 10.00 to as much as KES 999,999.00.


How do I receive payments using my mobile phone number on PesaLink?

To receive payments, one has to have linked their phone number to an account. You will get an SMS notification when you receive money in your account.

How much will it cost to send money on PesaLink?
Minimum Amount Maximum Amount Charge
10 1000 0
1001 10000 50
10001 50000 60
50001 100000 70
100001 200000 100
200001 500000 150
500001 999999 200
Will I be charged to receive money on PesaLink?

No, it’s free to receive funds on PesaLink.


Can I use PesaLink to send money abroad?

No. Currently, PesaLink only facilitates local funds transfer.

Can I send money to someone who is not registered for PesaLink?

Yes, by using ‘Send to Account’ and ‘Send to Card’ option on the PesaLink menu on PesaPap = and select the receivers bank name.

Can I send money via PesaLink if I have not linked my phone to my account?

Yes, you do not need to link your account to send money. However, you need to link your account to receive money.

How do l confirm the recipient’s details are correct before completing a PesaLink transaction?

The last step of sending money to a recipient requires the customer to confirm the details of the transaction i.e. the name of the person (Send to Phone option), the account number and bank of recipient (Send to Account) and the card number of the recipient (Send to Card).

What is the reversal process when a PesaLink transaction fails?

When a transaction fails, an automatic reversal shall push the funds back to the sender’s account.

What solutions does Manage Cards on PesaPap offer?
  • You can activate their debit cards to transact online by setting their own limits.
  • In case you have lost or misplaced your card, you can deactivate your debit card.
  • You can activate a deactivated debit card.
  • You can generate a virtual card, load with funds for online transactions
  • You can check their credit card balance