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Chama Investment Loan

Wealth creation for investment groups

Chama Investment Loan

Is your chama looking to invest? Chama Investment Loan is a specially-tailored loan facility to make funds available when viable group projects have been identified so that your chama can take advantage of saving to investments on viable group projects. We finance up to 10 times on group savings and financing options available being land purchase, construction (real estate development), property acquisition, asset finance (M/Vehicles/Machinery/Equipment), listed shares & bonds.


  • Get financing ranging from Kes. 100,000 – Kes. 250 Million up to 10 times your savings
  • Longer repayment period, up to 60 months


  • Flexible security requirements
  • Fast loan processing


  • The chama should be formally registered for borrowing purposes
  • Newly established groups need to have saved for 6 months with Family Bank
  • Chamas with 6 month’s savings history with other banks/MFIs/saccos shall also be considered
  • Ability to repay the loan MUST be clearly demonstrated
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