Salary Account

Are you a salaried customer?

Family Bank salary account is the ideal personal bank account for employed customers who need to access their funds immediately after payment by the employer. It’ is the account that takes care of your finances while you work.

How to apply Get in touch


  • An ATM card is available
  • Salary based loans and advances available
  • No limits on withdrawal amounts
  • Access to standing order facilities
  • Access to auto loans
  • Free registration to Pesa Pap mobile banking
  • Free inward EFT clearing
  • Asset finance facility is available


  • Account can be opened with any amount of money
  • No minimum operating balance
  • No monthly charges on the account
  • Affordable salary processing fee
  • 24 hr access to Family Bank, Kenswitch, VISA branded ATMs and Pesa Point ATMs


  • The customer(s) should fill the account application form available at the branch or on  the Family  Bank website
  •  Identification documents: National ID or passport plus a copy
  • Any amount of money to open the account
  • A free customer identification photo will be taken at the branch
  • Introduction documents such as bank statements, introduction letter from another customer, a copy of utility bills in the customer's name

How to apply

  1. Download the relevant application form
  2. Complete the form and bring to your nearest branch with supporting documents