Reasons why Water Businesses should Consider Family Bank’s MajiPlus Loan - Family Bank Limited, Kenya

Family Bank in partnership with Aqua for All understand that access to clean, safe and affordable credit in the water and sanitation economy remains a big challenge in Kenya.  We are dedicated to helping scale up the financial and operational performance of water service providers and financing initiatives focused on delivering improved water supply and sanitation services to low-income homes through our MajiPlus loan facility.

MajiPlus is a flexible credit solution for individuals, micro-businesses, SMEs and Water Service Providers. This loan facility  gives your water business the financial backing needed to make the project successful. The following are the benefits of securing our MajiPlus loan for your water project:

Flexible repayment period

MajiPlus loan facility is an unsecured loan that is accessible to water businesses at a flexible repayment period of up to 24 months. The flexibility of this loan facility is tailored to the fact that we understand that community water projects, though quite noble, can take a financial toll on SMEs. You are therefore able to run your water business as you clear your loan for a period of 24 months.

Facilitates access to clean safe water

Access to clean and safe water in our communities is key given that water is a basic need. Access to clean water leads to improved sanitation and thus, our MajiPlus loan facility offers water businesses the opportunity to enable communities across Kenya achieve this. This loan facility is a bridge to the financial challenge in the water sector and allows communities access safe and clean water.

Improves sanitation

Poor sanitation is believed to be the main cause of deaths across the world and the United Nations (UN) recognized access to safe clean water and sanitation as a human right. Innovations in water and sanitation technologies, such as Family Bank’s MajiPlus loan facility are essential in boosting efforts access to clean and safe water, which in turn promotes sanitation across the country. When there is access to water, communities are able to practice good hygiene such as hand washing thus reducing poor sanitation-related diseases like cholera, polio and hepatitis.

Unlocks private investments

As a Bank, we are dedicated to supporting the growth of water service providers through the MajiPlus loan, which offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to expand their investment ventures. In our partnership with Aqua for All, we provide an avenue for growth of MSMEs in the water sector through the provision of a flexible financial solution to enable them supply low-income communities with safe drinking water either through piping systems or water kiosks.

Creates universal access to water services

Communities in marginalized areas which experience climate challenges are able to shield themselves from the adverse effects of drought and famine. MajiPlus loan helps individuals, enterprises and water companies to tackle water, sanitation and health needs ranging from water shortage, borehole construction and water distribution. Water services providers can now navigate through the industry even in marginalized areas and ensure individuals experiencing water shortages can go about their daily activities. MajiPlus has enabled bringing of water services to your door step.

Access to safe and clean water in our communities is key and together with Aqua for All, through MajiPlus, we are ready to support your water business and make this dream come true for all people across Kenya. Reach out to us today across our 93 branches countrywide and we will be happy to serve you.