Swipe & smile with your Family Bank Visa Debit Card

Take part in the Family Bank Swipe and Smile Promotion and stand a chance to win great cash prizes in our bi-weekly mini-draws and KES 1 Million in the Grand Draw!

Family Bank Ltd is rewarding eligible Visa Debit cardholders who use their cards at a merchant Point of Sale (PoS) or for online transactions.

The Swipe & Smile Promotion will run for eight weeks commencing from 19th December 2019 to 31st January 2020 and is open to Family Bank Visa Debit Cards only. During the campaign period, we shall hold bi-weekly draws and a grand prize draw.

The grand draw will be at the end of the campaign period. Grand draw winners will win the following:

  • Winner - KES. 1,000,000
  • 1st runners up - KES. 500,000
  • 2nd runners up - KES. 250,000

There shall be 4 mini draws bi-weekly each with 3 winners each as follows:

  • Winner - KES. 200,000
  • 1st runners up - KES. 100,000
  • 2nd runners up - KES. 50,000

This promotion is open to Family Bank Visa Debit Card holders (excluding corporate business cardholders). All the bi-weekly draw entrants during the campaign period will be eligible for consideration for the grand prize.

Payments to any merchant Point of Sale or online transactions.

ATM transactions, cash advances, financial charges, balance transfers, card annual fees, joining fees and government taxes.

In order to qualify for the Swipe & Smile promotion, Family Bank customers will be required to spend a minimum of KES 3,000 at a Point of Sale (POS) or online transaction.

Winners will be randomly selected from a pool of draw entrants using a computerized BCLB-approved selection software in the presence of a BCLB agent.

  • Each customer who participates in the campaign will be eligible to win only once in the bi-weekly draw but all participants stand a chance to win the grand prizes.
  • Staff of Family Bank Limited and supporting agencies directly involved with the facilitation of this Promotion, and their immediate families and dependents, shall not be eligible to participate in this Promotion.

All winners will be notified via an SMS from Family Bank. In addition, top prize winners will receive a phone call from 0703 095 000.

Grand Prize - KES 1,000,000

Spend KES 3,000 or more and increase your chances of winning*
Lots of cash prizes in the bi-weekly draws.