Foreign Exchange Spot

We offer spot dealing for all major currencies. This can be done as cash deals, internal account transfers, SWIFT or RTGS. In addition to our unmatched sharp rates, we also provide same day value for all our Telegraphic transfers where we can transfer the following foreign currencies USD, GBP, EUR, AED, AUD, ZAR, CAD, JPY, UGX, TZS, RWF. 

Forward Contracts

Forward contracts are agreements between two parties to exchange two designated currencies at a specific time in the future. These contracts always take place on a date after the date that the spot contract settles (beyond 2 days). This is done for all major currencies. We offer competitive rates on forward contracts for both customers and non-customers.

Currency Swaps

A currency swap is a foreign-exchange agreement between two entities to exchange aspects (namely the principal and/or interest payments) of an amount in one currency for equivalent aspects of an equal in net present value in another currency. Family Bank offers competitive pricing on the swap points. 

Foreign Currency Banker’s Cheques (Local)

These are banker’s cheques issued are denominated in major foreign currencies US Dollar, Sterling Pound and Euro for local Banks.

Structured Deals

Treasury in conjunction with other departments such as Trade Finance and Corporate Banking offers our clients customized structured finance solutions depending on the client’s needs.

Foreign Current Accounts

We offer foreign currency accounts to our customers. This can either be current account or savings account. These accounts are mainly in the major currencies i.e. USD, GBP and Euro.

Foreign Currency Lending

Foreign currency loans can be used to finance both individual and corporates.

Money Market Services

Call & Fixed Deposits

We negotiate favorable rates on local and foreign currencies placement for call or fixed periods to give superior returns for our esteemed clients. The tenor ranges from 1 month to 1 year for fixed deposits (specified period), with our rates being very competitive.

Treasury Bills & Bonds

Government securities are debt instruments offered by a sovereign entity to fund. At Family Bank, we facilitate purchase of these assets from Central bank of Kenya on behalf of our customers. Our experienced team will guide on how to apply and follow up until payment is done. The client will be provided with the auction results as soon as the information is available.

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