PesaPap Wallet

PesaPap Wallet

PesaPap wallet is a virtual account that allows you to access full banking services on your mobile phone. With the new PesaPap wallet, you save, take a mobile loan, pay bills, purchase airtime and transfer funds.

Opening PesaPap Wallet

To open a PesaPap Wallet, simply download PesaPap App or Dial *325#. Select Open Wallet Account from the menu and follow the simple instructions. Your phone number is your PesaPap Wallet Account number. The following details are required:

  • Full name as per ID
  • ID number
  • Mobile Phone Number

PesaPap Wallet Loan Eligibility

When checking for how much you qualify for, select My loans then select check loan limit and enter your MPIN and submit your request. The amount you qualify for will be displayed and an SMS confirmation sent to you.

PesaPap Wallet Loan Application

From PesaPap Wallet menu, Select My Loans, Select request loan, Enter amount required and submit. Enter MPIN to confirm details. The details of the loan (amount, facility fees and due date) will be displayed and an SMS confirmation sent to you.

PesaPap Wallet Loan Repayment

PesaPap mobile loans must be repaid within 30 days. There are two options to repay your loan:

  • Full Repayment – Total outstanding loan is repaid at once and in full
  • Partial Repayment – Total outstanding loan is repaid in installments over the 30-day loan period

PesaPap Wallet Savings

From PesaPap Wallet menu select My Savings, Save Money, Enter Amount to save and select the appropriate plan. You can open as many plans as you wish to suit your goals.

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