Why a Debit Card is good for you - Family Bank Limited, Kenya

Times have changed and the old ‘cash only’ culture is no longer with us with the financial technology advancement, particularly, mobile money and the Visa Card. We are seeing hotels, shopping centres, supermarkets, churches and even schools adopting the use of Visa debit cards for their customers’ convenience.

A Visa Debit Card can be very essential and here are some advantages of using the card as opposed to cash:

Track spending

Using a Visa debit card enables you to track your spending. This in turn brings forth a sense of accountability on how each cent was spent compared to when you use cash. Through bank statements, you are able to acquire a holistic report showcasing all the transactions carried out with date and time details.


Would you rather be walking around with a large chunk of money or just a card that only you has access to? Cash possess a much higher risk of either being stolen or tampered with in one way or another. However, a Visa debit card is not easy to tamper with and if stolen, one should immediately report it to their bank so that the bank can block the use of that particular card.

Ease and convenience

When you are purchasing an item or paying for a service, the use of a Visa debit card makes the process very easy and fast compared to use of cash because you may be required to go to the bank first to withdraw the money which ultimately complicates the matter. In addition, one can conveniently access their money securely and conveniently, anytime and anywhere in the world making one’s travel or business trips hassle-free.

Good credit score

The ‘cash only’ mantra does not help in building a good credit score. How well you use your card and in this case a debit card will help build your credit score. This lowers the risk of not accessing loans or proving your financial capability in the future.

Free transactions

Using a Visa debit card for instance from Family Bank is totally free and there are no charges as compared to when withdrawing from an ATM or using mobile money services. This in turn saves you money and you get to enjoy hassle-free transactions.

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